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Day 1 24 hours of lady luck

We are feeling very, very lucky. Not only because we were able to do this trip, but because we made it to our destination for the evening as planned!

As we looked at each departure board, our hearts would sink looking at one delayed or cancelled flight after the next. And yet, somehow, each time our leg was spared the axe. On time with a 100% occupancy we tried to get sleep on the abbreviated night as we raced oppose the earth spin to Munich. A small delay taking off for Paris, and miracle of miracles, our panniers all arrived in their duffles as we hoped.

A small detour as the trains from Charles de Gaulle airport weren't running, but the superior organization wisked us off to alternate buses that brought us to a train station (although it did seem we paid the dumb tourist tax at 10 euro each for the tickets) and a short hop to Gare de Lyon. A deep breath as we had 1.5 hrs to regroup, grab a Quiche Lorraine and listen to a pianist at a 'play if you want to' station. He was amazing!

Then a beautifully quiet train ride to Valence TVG station and a short hop on a TER train to Villance Ville where we checking quickly in to our hotel and out again to get a diner near the Rhone river. Amazing setting and a great meal and beer (yes beer even here in France).

Now back at the hotel at 11 pm ready to sleep finally! Good night

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