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Day 11 easy living

Slept in a bit and we were rolling out of camp around 9 am. A stop in the town center of Decize for coffee and to grab makings for lunch.

The route was along canals all day and we made.good time. Beautiful bucolic scenery but with no distinct sites to visit we made.good .time with a short stop for lunch in a park and we were done with our 65 km and at our place for the night by 2,30 pm.

We were greeted by Chantel the owner and let in early where we relaxed and.planned out the next few days. With Bastille day coming on the 14th we needed to secure lodging.throough the weekend. A few hours later and we had the plan set through Saturday.

A lovely evening with Chantel and her partner Nigel as they prepared us dinner. Looking forward to what the next few days bring us with some chateaus, a night of camping and a visit to Orleans to learn about Joan of Arc's home town.

A homemade barge. Apparently there is tradition of floating these down to sell the wood in Paris and then walking home and sometimes the now reenact it. It must be a long trip!

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