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Day 12 Routine of vacation

We are really starting to settle in to our routine. A good sleep, croissants and coffee (both kids have started having coffee for breakfast on this trip!) and then off pedaling by 9 am for 2 hours or a bit more until lunch which has lately been a picnic in a park. Then another hour or two of afternoon cruising. The 60 km goes fairly easily here on the flats where we can cruise 20 km/hr.

So far the sites have been few although that is about to change here today with a number of chateaus and.larger towns coming.

We spent the night in a small town in a hotel as the heat and humidity were pretty high today. We are in the shadow of a massive nuclear power plant, which is quite ominous.

Tomorrow (July 14)) is Bastille day, French independence day from the monarch to a democracy. We aren't sure what to expect. We have a campsite reserved since we suspect things will be very busy.

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