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Day 17 Twenty years of adventure

Twenty years ago Crys and I dedicated ourselves to each other. Over those twenty years we have done countless river trips, hiked the Appalachian trail 1.5 times, 20+ 14teenrs, the long trail, ½ the Colorado trail, had two amazing kids, hiked the Jungfrau loop, the alta via 1, cycled the Danube, the great divide, the Loire. These 'peak experiences' are a convenient way to summarize a much deeper and intimate shared adventure.

But the real adventure is sharing it and being there together, just the two of us or all four as a family. The setting gives us the opportunity to be exposed, vulnerable. The hard work, sweat and tears then bond us and open us to each other. The shared experience of sitting in a shelter after 20 miles of hiking watching the rain pour down and holding hands. The sun setting on Zeta mountain after a tough climb. Watching our kid win a robotics tournament award or kayaking race knowing how many months and endless hours of hard work went into that achievement.

20 years is a long time, and yet it feels short at the same time. So much left to experience yet so much already experienced. Young kids behind us, early career behind us, hard times behind and in front of us. More adventure in front of us. More time that is spent together, working on our ourselves so we can relate to each other, have a closer experience with each other. Even after 20 years there is work to be done, more effort to put in. The effort of climbing a mountain or biking a river from source to sea has a clear beginning and end. Marriage, the beginning can be clear. The end is unclear and we can only hope it is rewarding through time.

Crys, our marriage is the longest adventure we've taken on and one that I enjoy through the challenges and joy. I love you!

The trip: wow it was hot today! 104F in the shade. The only day we have really felt long term uncomfortably hot Luckily we had reservations at a nice hotel near chateau Villandry with all important AC! We arrived at 2 pm after a very hot and slow 50 km through Tours and just sat in the AC for the rest of the afternoon enjoying not being out in the heat. Then a late dinner at a gourmand restaurant under fig trees which was amazing! And also I am done with livers for a while - very good but very rich. And a nice short ride back to the hotel for cooling and sleeping.

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2 komentáře

23. 7. 2022

What a great post, Tom! I'm still catching up but I've been lurking and enjoying. Great trip. Great kids! Good luck with the rest. - Art

To se mi líbí
Thomas Delker
Thomas Delker
30. 7. 2022
Reakce na

Thanks Art! It has been a great trip!

To se mi líbí
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