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Day 19 caves

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Woke up to rain moving through Started the ride out with the normal breakfast. We seem to all really like it! Also grabbed some sandwiches from the patisserie for lunch.

Entering cave on bikes. The route goes right through it.

Hanging garden inside cave

It's like they stopped mid harvest and bottling

All just sitting there in the cave as we rode by.

The ride out was super cool, up and down through the hills and around the caves. Then down in to a tunnel and we explored an old wine cave with bottles all abandoned for a long time. No details on why it was there and why the trail now goes through it. Hanging Vines down through the openings. It felt like we were exploring lost and forgotten areas.

Then down in to saumur with it's amazing chateau. We moved through and on and before we knew it. The slow miles of the morning were replaced with fast kilometers of the afternoon. A few free figs placed In a road side box warmed by the sun as an appetizer and then a lucky lunch under a roofed picnic table for a short shower. The last few km to Angers came fast with some headwind. And then a relaxing afternoon at an amazing chateau/B&B with a great pool and dinner served by it while the peacocks roamed around looking for handouts. We for a zero tomorrow for Sara's birthday.

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