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Day 2 We have bikes!

"You are so LOUD" was my greeting from my dear wife/3rd teenager(when it comes to sleep) when I got up at 7 am and started rummaging through my panniers. Although panniers are wonderful for carry things on a bike, inevitable whatever you need is on the very bottom.

The sleep was delicious, though shorter than we had hoped. A walk back toward the Rhone and a nice cafe with coffee and croissant to start. Then off to the bus station for a 1.5 hr ride up very windy road which reminded me that I can get car sick. We arrived in Le Cheylard just in time to drop our bags and go get lunch.

After lunch we wandered the town and found a castle on a hill we explored for a bit. Then back to the hotel to meet the bike delivery. So thankful we have our bikes! Almost as thankful for cold drinks, shade and the river as we relaxed for a few minutes out of the heat (27C).

An hour attaching all our phone holders, water bottle holders and front bags (curse you REI for not including an essential screw! Thankfully ortlieb has all the same screw sizes and I was able to find one in my spare kit!).

Now ready to head to dinner and hopefully any early bed time!

Gardens by the Rhone river in valence ville.

Hobbit houses that they used to rent at the castle for camping. Appears to all be closed.

Nice shade by the river with ice pops and cold drinks.

Castle light up as we came back from dinner.

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