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Day 7 Food is better than wind

The food on this trip surprises us every day! Never had such long beautiful meals in my life! It really is remarkablely different than anywhere we have ever been! Even the camps patio food of steak and fries for the kids and salad for us was amazing!

Another night sleeping out under the stars for Andrew and I while the girls enjoyed the bug free area inside one of our tents. The sleep came fast and was over sooner than expected as I seem to be waking up around 5.30. But there was much protesting from the crew and I let them be until 7 am.

The wind blew through the night and although we were well sheltered, it did not let up as it had other evenings. A short stop in town for coffee and croissants and we were on our way!

The first few km were along the river on a dirt path. This always sets our teeth on edge as although beautiful we worry about flats as we got our first one on similar surface early on day 2. However we were all vigilant and made it through well enough. Then a stretch on a beautiful but busy road as we were squeezed between the high cliffs and river. Quick enough we peeled off that road and started our tough climb up up up to Chambles.

The grade was comfortable though and before we knew it we saw the town watch tower rise from the trees. A great stop visiting and climbing through the stone watch tower and lighting candles in the church and we were coasting down down down, losing all we had gained. Then an easy flat cruise through a town and out in to the countryside.

A few stops to arrange lodging for the evening all were fruitless and we set our sights on another campground 75 km from our start. While we are all ready for a bed and a shower that doesn't require constant attention with button pressing to keep the water flowing, we are also extremely grateful for how easy the camping is to find and never very busy! The downside? Apparently campsites in France are bring your own toilet paper and soap for hand washing! Glad we packed both, but it needs a refresh soon!

And lunch? Again, wow! A stop at a small restaurant in a small town again amazed us. We only did the plat de jour which was a mistake I don't plan on repeating, and we should have done the full menu (Andrew was very hungry still although the rest of us were comfortable).

The headwind was fierce all day and as we passed through farmlands full of beautiful horses and white cows, Andrew and I tried to create a wall for crys and Sara to make it a bit easier for them. After 75 km everyone was straining to see the destination and we finally made it! A nice campsite along the Loire with a pool that we were soon in and drinking beer by recharged us after a long day. The highway is low rumble in the background, but that is redeemed by the sweetest cat that has been visiting for lots of pets while we are at our site.

A short ride back to town for a comfort dinner of pizza and beer. Then a bit of a late night planning the stay for tomorrow, Saturday. The places right on route appear to be all full and we REALLY need a hotel room to rejuvenate. We will have to go about 7 km off route, but we found a nice place with what appears to be a good restaurant. Looking forward to a bed after 5 night camping!

Cell data was been poor for a few days so the photos have been few. Sorry

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