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Day 8 Did today seem long?

Campsite for the evening with the biker laundry tree in the background

The morning started off with me heading back into town for some croissants as there weren't any obvious places in front of us. A slow start for everyone and we were on the bikes by 9 am.

Today promised a hilly day and it didn't disappoint. A coffee at the top of the first big climb helped get us in the mood and shortly after that we visited an amazing castle jutting out into the river (chateau de la Roche).

A stiff climb up and the we crossed the river and - climbing climbing climbing. Oddly none of the towns we passed were in the guide book. Another amazing lunch that I can't even begin to describe over 2 hours and then more climbing. Seems like we have been going a long time and still aren't where we planned? But we were right on route per our gps tracks?

Well turns out the gps file diverged from the route for a good while, adding 12 km to our planned day and untold extra climbing. All in all with the detour off route we did another 70 km today. Still a nice day but everyone is tired! Super impressed with Sara pushing through on such a long day with a lot of elevation gain!

We are out of the hills now and should see some flat terrain ahead. Great canal path for the last 20 km today. Wind was more manageable too although still a bit strong.

On the way to dinner Andrew got a string caught in his front wheel and it broke 2 spokes! An accident and nothing to be done about it now. Tomorrow is Sunday and no bike shops are open so we will have to ride on it. Hoping it makes it!

Arrow is us.

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