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A wild life is a joyful life when you're in it together

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Welcome to Rugged Family Adventures, a unique blog here for you to explore. Spending time together as a family in the great outdoors has added such value to our lives, and we love having the opportunity to share our passions and thoughts with our loyal readers. We hope this blog inspires you to get outdoors too! Read on, and enjoy.

Taking a break on the Kokopelli
Taking a break on the Kokopelli

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Tom and Andrew
Tom and Andrew

Just finished the FibARK Marathon Paddle

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Taking a break on the Kokopelli
Taking a break on the Kokopelli

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Day 23 The end

The ride ended today and with it a lot of emotion. A quiet night at the campsite was wonderful and dark. A slow wake up and then on to...

Day 22 Redemption

After the rain yesterday we got a beautiful day of sun! A groggy morning peddle to the next town were we found the one patisserie that...

Day 21 Rainy day

Very close to the end! Only 1.5 days left of cycling. With rain in the forecast we were all a bit apprehensive about leaving the...

Day 20 Sara's birthday!

Happy birthday Sara! 13 years of greatness! A zero that ended up very full. The first request was no rooster alarm. And for me let her...

Day 19 caves

Woke up to rain moving through Started the ride out with the normal breakfast. We seem to all really like it! Also grabbed some...

Day 18 Sweating it out

Woke up a bit early to make sure we got an earlier start as today is supposed to be warm as well, although not as bad as yesterday. We...

Day 17 Twenty years of adventure

Twenty years ago Crys and I dedicated ourselves to each other. Over those twenty years we have done countless river trips, hiked the...

Day 16 Wine

The routine is well established. Grab croissants from the every present and close patisserie, find a cafe and get coffee and eat. Today...

Day 14 Orleans

A fast uneventful 50 km ride brought us to Orleans at 11 am. Never sure of how hectic and difficult the across town bike ride will be in...

Day 13 Another amazing day on the Loire

Canal over the river A beautiful morning biking with more variation in the trail and landscape. We moved through beautiful forest, then...

Day 12 Routine of vacation

We are really starting to settle in to our routine. A good sleep, croissants and coffee (both kids have started having coffee for...

First post? Day 12 (or 13)

It was a dark and stormy night... Just kidding! Today was bueatiful day but it was a bit hot and humid. To start the day off at our...

Day 11 easy living

Slept in a bit and we were rolling out of camp around 9 am. A stop in the town center of Decize for coffee and to grab makings for lunch....

Day 10 He spoketh

A peaceful night on the water. I went off and collected breakfast from a patisserie and brought it back while the others slept a bit and...

Day 9 Super helpful people are great!

Waking up early is just the way I roll out here. But I gave everyone time to wake up slowly until about 7 when I started suggesting...

Day 8 Did today seem long?

Campsite for the evening with the biker laundry tree in the background The morning started off with me heading back into town for some...

Day 7 Food is better than wind

The food on this trip surprises us every day! Never had such long beautiful meals in my life! It really is remarkablely different than...

Day 5 Flunch for lunch

We had a great dinner at an Auberge (a inn that serves local cuisine) served to us by a lovely person who was happy to help us with our...

Day 6 Learning the Loire

With our bread not being ready until 8.30 we slept in a bit this morning. The site was peaceful after a fun day of swimming in the river...

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